Alibaba Cloud Summit – Infinity 2018: Introducing Nine New Products to Promote Global Digital Transformation

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Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing arm, recently launched nine new products related to machine learning, cloud architecture, security and Internet of Things (IoT). The products, demonstrated at the recently held Alibaba Cloud Summit – Infinity 2018 in Singapore, are designed for a global audience and aim to help industries go digital.

The New Retail concept integrates traditional and digital channels, bringing together online and offline venues. Businesses that do not seize the opportunity will fail due to growing competition and difficulties.

Alibaba Cloud understands this and intends to reach to a wider audience with these new products. They are not only designed to help the company grow its reach, but also to allow other businesses to meet the changing industry demands.

Marketplace Alliance Program: A Chance for Companies to Grow

The company is working on creating partnerships with known cloud service providers with its Marketplace Alliance Program (MAP).

The program offers a mix of programs designed to develop and strengthen new relationships. It provides partners with an opportunity to interact with each other and build profitable partnerships with the help of Alibaba’s cloud infrastructure.

Growing an ASEAN Partner Alliance

The company launched the ASEAN Partner Alliance Programme at Alibaba Cloud Summit – Infinity 2018. The alliance intends to develop a reliable ecosystem to empower service providers, technology vendors, system integrators, startups, and ISVs to go digital and pay more attention to digital transformations.

You can watch the entire conference here.

The program is designed to provide training to 600 personnel in the next twelve months. Moreover, it will also involve recruiting 150 partners to help spread the word and speed up the process.

Some Information on The New Products

The products belong to different categories covering a wide range of services. Two of the main products are related to artificial intelligence and data technology.

  • Data Lake Analytics: It’s a serverless service that allows customers to transform their data into the cloud, and view it in Data Lake.
  • PAI: It’s Alibaba’s machine learning platform that was revised in March 2017. It allows customers to access and use the company’s AI capabilities without needing experience or knowledge of how AI works.

In addition to this, the company also introduced an IoT Platform with a toolkit. All these products are available to a global audience.

Moreover, the company is focusing on security and infrastructure as well. Security is a major concern in today’s world with hacking incidents being more common than ever, especially with ransomware attacks becoming a trend.

The company is working on this and has launched services dedicated to keeping data safe and secure.

  • Anti-Bot Service: It’s a software meant to protect users from crawlers and scalpers. This reduces the risk of private information reaching unsafe hands.
  • Hybrid Backup Recovery: It’s a simple yet affordable backup service to help businesses keep their data safe and secure and be available in case of a mishap. Being offline even for a few minutes can cause businesses a huge loss. This service will put them up and running in no time to reduce potential losses.
  • Dedicated Host: This service is designed to provide users with dedicated and stable cloud hosting service.

Alibaba Cloud and Strategic Partners

The company has the support of some big and small companies in this endeavor. It has joined hands with different partners to provide users with some exceptional services and products.

Smart Access Gateway: This service is the result of a strategic partnership between Alibaba Cloud and China Unicom Global. It’s designed to operate an enterprise network with multiple locations. This will help businesses grow and reach to a wider audience without having to worry about scalability.

Apsara Stack: This hybrid cloud solution is the result of a partnership between Elasticsearch and HPE. Available for use on Alibaba Cloud, this open source program is mainly developed by Elastic.

What The Officials Have to Say

Alibaba Cloud International’s Chief Solution Architect, Derek Wang, talked about the initiative. He said: “Asia Pacific is a unique market, and as a global cloud services provider with an Asian origin, we are committed to leverage our knowledge and experience to build a sustainable regional ecosystem and enrich our offerings to meet the needs of our customers in this digital age. This new suite of offering includes products that are highly efficient, cost-effective, and some of them are the first of their kind in the industry.”

He also discussed all the products in detail and shed some light on how they are going to change the landscape.

He said: “These products all have specific features that meet an identified need within the flourishing retail market in the Asia Pacific region. E-commerce is witnessing considerable growth and Alibaba Cloud, leveraging Alibaba Group’s development, can offer a mature ecosystem to support the regional retail sector. Using these products will help merchants deploy their resources more effectively, and gain deeper consumer insights. The technology available can also give our consumers better protection against fraud and an improved shopping experience.”.


Alibaba Cloud is taking a deep interest in the global market and intends to cover a large market share. For now, it appears to be taking a keen interest in the Asia Pacific market to provide support to the region’s journey towards digital transformation.

It’s offering an impressive line of solutions to big and small businesses to allow them to truly go digital. The company went big in Malaysia last month by launching the first cloud-based Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Center and the second Availability Zone in the country to provide customers with a strong layer of security against attacks.

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud

Launched in 2009, Alibaba Cloud, a part of Alibaba Group, is one of the biggest names in the Infrastructure as a Service Provider (IaaS) industry. Its largest market is China where it is the biggest provider of public cloud services. The company has a global audience and caters to not just users of Alibaba, but to all businesses around the globe including government organizations, big corporations, and small startups. Moreover, it is also the official Cloud Services Partner of the International Olympic Committee.