HostGator Coupons & Discount Codes 2020 (+ Buyer’s Guide)

When it comes to selecting a proper hosting service for one’s website, you really can’t go wrong with HostGator. Besides being super user-friendly, diverse enough to host virtually any website, and offering a world-class support team, HostGator is also known as being one of the more generous web hosts when it comes to offering amazing discounts to new customers.

In fact, just check out the comprehensive list of HostGator coupons in the table below! This table contains all of the currently available coupons. And unlike competitors, I personally update this table regularly with new promo codes that become available, as well as check that each current promo code is still working. This ensures that the list is not only full of valid coupons, but also free of any duplicates as well.

Below the HostGator coupon table, you’ll find both a Buyer’s Guide and an FAQ section that will shine some light on everything one should know about HostGator. From helping simplify what hosting works best for whom, to addressing what add-ons are worth the money, these sections will provide you with the clarity you need to get started properly with HostGator.

Without further ado, Here’s every HostGator coupon for April 2020:

Get 60% OFF on Shared hosting when you prepay for 1+ year CRAZYMONTH
Get your first month of hosting for just 1 CENT PENNY2018
RECEIVE 77% OFF shared plans + a free domain name. Valid on 12 month plans only. $31 for 1 year of “Hatchling” or $40 for “Baby” HOSTINGBUNDLE
Save up to 56% OFF WordPress hosting SNAPPYW579
Save 48% on Dedicated servers hosting SNAPPYD2

Last Updated: April 12, 2020.

Here’s a screenshot showing that the final cost of a 36-month plan is only $100.08 using the coupon code “CRAZYMONTH” which gives 60% off:

Screenshot showing a HostGator coupon code applied at checkout

HostGator Buyer’s Guide

Check out my TOP TIPS below for not only saving even more money, but also getting the MOST out of HostGator…

  • Always pay for as long of a hosting package as possible. Think of it this way; because the longer hosting packages offer the biggest HostGator deals and because these deals are only applied to your first invoice, the way you save the most money is by purchasing a 12 to 36-month package. Now, if you can’t afford to invest in 3 years of hosting upfront, that is understandable, but at least try to go for the 24 or 12-month packages as these will still save you more money than the smaller monthly packages. And keep in mind, with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can always receive a full refund regardless of how much you paid upfront. AND, you can always get a prorated refund for any unused period if you want to cancel even in your 35th month.
  • Make sure if your account is flagged, you verify it ASAP. Although not too common, sometimes accounts can be flagged simply because of your country’s fraud rate or from an inconsistency in your contact information. To combat this, you simply must proceed to a quick extra verification step. In instances where you’ve ordered a domain name, you must verify your account ASAP, since domain registration will be delayed and anyone can technically register the domain still. So, just make sure you’re on top of your emails to avoid missing this important notice.
  • Refer and earn! If you refer a friend, family member, colleague, subscriber… anyone really, and they sign up for HostGator, not only do they receive up to 60% off their hosting package but you receive a $40 Visa gift card! This program is a great way to save others money on hosting and put a little back in your pocket at the same time.
  • Be aware of add-on services. Before purchasing your package, HostGator will give you the option of adding on certain additional services such as automated site backups and domain privacy protection to your plan. Make sure you understand what each of these services actually is so you can customize a plan that best suits your specific needs and budget. If you need help understanding what these additional services offer, simply scroll down further to my section about additional services offered by HostGator.
  • Know what your coupon actually works on. Although they offer sizeable discounts on hosting services, coupons for HostGator do not help you get a discount on any additional services, such as CodeGuard or Private IP address. Also, coupons do not typically allow you to receive a discount for domain name registration, unless it is part of a limited-time offer, such as with Black Friday coupons.
  • Don’t be distracted by smaller front-page coupons. The discounts you see on HostGator’s website will typically offer you anywhere from 20% – 30% off already, but pay these no mind as they will be overridden by the more generous coupons on this page.
  • Make sure you actually understand the $200 in Google Adwords and Bing Ads bonus. Although a $100 welcome bonus for both Google Adwords and Bing ads definitely is a nice bonus for those looking to advertise, it isn’t quite as lenient as one might assume. However, to be fair, most web hosting companies that offer generous sign-up bonuses all typically employ some strict terms and conditions behind said bonuses. For instance, only those who open a new Google Adwords and Bing Ad account are eligible. Also, if you don’t use this credit within 90 days, it’s void. And in order for the Adwords credit to be valid, you must first purchase $25 in Adwords. But to be fair, these contingencies are mandated by Google and not HostGator. Lastly, you won’t actually qualify for this bonus with certain hosting plans, like VPS, Resellers, Windows, Dedicated Servers, and Optimized WordPress hosting. So, my point is this, don’t get wrapped up in this bonus when there are other great reasons why you should sign up with HostGator.

HostGator’s Bundle Deal

One of the sweetest deals offered by HostGator is called the Bundle Deal. It’s one of the least-known deal, but cetainly one of the best; For only $36, you’ll get 12 months of web hosting (or site builder) + a free domain name.

Here’s a screenshot showing the secret deal page on

A screenshot from showing the Bundle deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure if HostGator is the right fit for you and your website? Check out the answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding HostGator…

Q: What HostGator coupon would work best for me?

Deciding which promo code to use essentially comes down to two things, how long do you need hosting for, and what type of hosting do you need exactly? Obviously, if you are looking to get a plan for WordPress, VPS, Dedicated Server, Cloud, or Reseller hosting, then the choice is clear as there is only one coupon that applies for each. But what if you are looking to purchase a shared hosting plan? Well, consider the following…

You are going to save the MOST money by merely using the HostGator discount code CRAZYMONTH, which saves you a whopping 60% off shared hosting plans. When selecting the 36-month package, the CRAZYMONTH coupon brings hosting down as low as $2.78 a month! Pretty hard to beat that low price.

Now, if you just want to try hosting for one month, you could use the coupon PENNY2018, which makes hosting for your first month only 1 cent… but after this trial month is up, you are going to experience a much higher renewal price. Unless you need a website for just a month, it doesn’t make sense to choose this HostGator 1 cent coupon considering the high price you will pay after a mere 30 days.

My advice to you if you need shared hosting for 12 months or more, is to use the coupon CRAZYMONTH to save the most money and simply buy the longest plan you can afford. Remember, if you decide you are not happy with HostGator, you are backed by their 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so regardless of how you feel come day 45, you’ve come out on top… either by securing the lowest possible price or by receiving a full refund. No risk.

Q: Is it worth it to pay for a year or more worth of hosting in advance?

Absolutely. As aforementioned, you’re going to receive the most generous discounts with longer hosting plans, so if you can swing the 36-month package, I absolutely recommend you do. But in case you need a visual breakdown of just how much you can save with a longer plan, consider the following: With our coupon code above for 60% off, you would be paying a mere $2.78 a month for a 36-month package for basic shared hosting! Now, with the same coupon code applied to just a 6-month plan, the price per month increases by almost 300% at $8.21 a month. And while this might not seem like that much more money, month after month, it adds up.

Q: Is it easy to redeem a HostGator coupon? How do I do it?

Thankfully, redeeming the HostGator coupon of your choosing is super easy. Simply find the coupon code you’d like to use from the table above to be taken to the beginning of the checkout process. After filling in the necessary information, you should notice upon scrolling down that the coupon code has already been applied in Step 5, “Enter a Coupon Code”. Simply check your applied discount! Also, you can simply copy the coupon code of your choice from the table above and paste it into the field during checkout and click “Validate”. Either of the methods above will redeem your coupon code.

Q: What is the best-shared hosting plan for me?

HostGator offers three different shared hosting plans, the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan, and the Business Plan. If you need just a single domain and don’t care to have a Positive SSL Certificate or dedicated IP and can manage without the VoIP Phone Service, then simply select the most basic plan, the Hatchling Plan.

Now, if you anticipate needing more than one domain, but can still function just fine without the Positive SSL Certificate, dedicated IP, and VoIP phone service, simply select the middle plan, the Baby Plan. This plan will allow you to host unlimited websites under the same account.

Lastly, although it is not likely, if you do feel you need the Positive SSL, dedicated IP, AND VoIP phone service, then you are going to need to purchase the Business Plan. Just like the Baby Plan, this plan will also allow you to host unlimited websites under the same account.

Q: Which hosting type would be best for me?

This really depends on not only your specific needs but the needs of your website/business. Check out the breakdown of how the different hosting types vary below…

Shared Hosting: The most commonly used type of hosting, this is ideal for those who receive around or less than 1,000 visitors per day or less than 30,000 visitors a month. This is also great for those looking to start a new website and needs something more beginner-friendly. All in all, shared hosting is an excellent option for most and ends up being the preferred hosting package for 90% of HostGator’s customers.

WordPress Hosting: If you need to move your pre-existing WordPress website, receive a lot of traffic or want BLAZING FAST loading speed for your website, then you really should consider WordPress hosting. Their plans start at 100,000 visits per month and scale up to 500,000 visits per month. Furthermore, their optimized caching plugin is built into the core of the hosting platform, giving you both a lightning-fast and highly optimized website! In turn, this allows for fast load times and smooth navigation on the backend of your website.

VPS Hosting: If you own or plan on owning many websites and are particular about having them run a very specific way, you should look into VPS hosting. VPS hosting allows for unlimited domains, custom configuration, and high scalability as your website and audience grow.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Similar to VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting is ideal for those that need hosting that is going to make their website not only run ultra-fast (such as with gaming and streaming websites), but also be extremely flexible in terms of configuration. Dedicated servers, however, provide a great deal of security as well.

Reseller Hosting: If you’re looking to start a web hosting company or have a pre-existing one, then Reseller hosting is definitely for you! Offering unlimited domains across all plans, you will be able to choose your disk space and bandwidth, with the option to, of course, scale up at any time.

Cloud Hosting: Primarily relied on by those building apps, Cloud Hosting also makes an excellent choice for those with businesses that need to maintain lightning fast website speed regardless of the occasional traffic surges due to things like special promotions, sales, etc.

Q: Does HostGator offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely. If you are not happy with HostGator as your hosting service, simply contact them within 45 days of purchase to receive a full refund for the amount paid on your initial invoice. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

Q: Does HostGator offer ongoing support?

Yes. HostGator has a fantastic team of employees ready to assist you 24/7 every day of the year! The support team can help you via live chat, email, or over the phone, whichever works best for you.

Q: Does HostGator Offer Additional Services and Are They Worth Buying?

Read below to learn more about the additional services you can add to your hosting plan and whether or not you can benefit from them.

Domain Privacy Protection

Domain privacy protection essentially ensures that your private information, like your name and address, is not visible to the public via the global “WhoIS” database. Also, this service helps you stay away from marketers looking to contact you and send you tons of junk that you don’t need in the mail. I highly recommend that you add on this service to your plan if you are buying a domain name!

Hack Alert Monitoring

As cyber-attacks become increasingly more sophisticated each day, the need for additional security is crucial to protect both you and your website’s visitors. While HostGator provides advanced server security, the website owner is typically responsible for the security of their own website.

The hack alert monitoring feature by Site lock protects your website from malicious attacks, which could potentially be stealing resources and information. You can add it to your plan for $1.67/mo (billed annually at $19.99).

Site Backup

This additional feature will automatically backup your website every day, so you can quickly and easily restore it to an earlier point if something goes wrong. This could be a great alternative if you don’t want to deal with having to back up your website manually. However, don’t be concerned thinking this is your only option as Host Gator does this for you for free once a week on a random day.

Professional Email

Despite already having the ability to create unlimited email accounts ( with any HostGator hosting package, you may want to consider adding this additional “Google Suite for Business” feature for an additional $5 per month. G Suite offers integration with your domain and provides you with all the popular Google applications such as Gmail, Docs, Hangouts, Drive, Analytics, and much more.

At a Glance: The Pros and Cons of HostGator

Check out the biggest pros and cons behind HostGator’s hosting service below to better understand what they have to offer…


  • With 6 different types of hosting and various packages for each, HostGator has a hosting option to suit everyone.
  • World class support team available 24/7 365 days a year
  • Very beginner friendly
  • HostGator has over 8 million hosted domains
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Sophisticated enough to cater to complex websites with tons of traffic
  • Generous HostGator promo codes make getting started affordable
  • Easy scalability for growing businesses
  • Free SSL Certificate with all hosting plans
  • Free website migration for all new accounts and updated accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Recipient of industry-leading web hosting awards
  • Have been providing web hosting for almost 16 years
  • Strong emphasis on making web hosting easy
  • One of the top 10 largest web hosting companies
  • cPanel control panel makes for easy backend navigation


  • Since HostGator is no longer a private company, they don’t necessarily offer the same personal touch and support of one. Some people may find this ill-suited to their needs.
  • HostGator is not the cheapest option. There are web hosts that are cheaper than HostGator, but primarily because they will lack some of the bells and whistles, such as customer support.
  • Getting in touch with the support team can take up to 5 minutes
  • HostGator discount codes only apply to the initial billing cycle
  • Be prepared to deal with a good amount of promotional emails and upselling

In Summary…

HostGator is a great option for easy, beginner-friendly hosting for those looking to start a website(s) or migrate a pre-existing website(s). Aside from this, HostGator also has the capacity to host more sophisticated and complex sites through its dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

With affordable prices and a world-class support team available 24/7 365 days of the year, HostGator truly does make hosting easy for all, regardless of how tech-savvy they truly are or aren’t! And with plenty of web hosting awards under their belt and millions of happy customers, it’s clear that HostGator is a phenomenal and safe bet for great hosting. Plus, with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee, HostGator makes it a breeze and risk-free to give their hosting a try.

About HostGator

HostGator was started by college student Brent Oxley in his dorm room at Florida Atlantic University in 2002. In less than 4 months, HostGator acquired over 100 customers and, by the same time, a year later, had over 1000 customers! In mid-2006, the first international office opened in Toronto, with the Boca Raton office soon relocating to Houston. On the 21st of June in 2012, EIG acquired HostGator for $225 million. In the previous handful of years, HostGator has launched HostGator China, Russia, and Mexico in an attempt to expand its global reach. Today, Adam Farrar serves as the CEO.

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