Webbynode Beta about to be Launched – Sign up Now

A few months ago I reviewed VPS Media’s Xen VPS. It was a relatively young hosting start up (although with years of experience behind it). In the email interview I asked Carlos of VPS Media about their up-coming plans, a customised control panel is on the card so they can ditch HyperVM. However the detail was pretty secretive…

Then a few days ago I received an email from Carlos about a new service that they are going to launch — Webbynode, which is currently recruiting beta-testers.

Webbynode prelaunch website

From the little blub on the front-page, now I know why Carlos has to be so secretive about it!

Say hello to webbynode, the killer new flexible Xen VPS service for developers & for people in need of better hosting. We aim to offer a service that makes life easier for developers – with ReadyStacks, and advanced features to create clusters between webbys, iscsi San storage, amazon ec2, and more.

Wow. It still does not say much about what it really is, but from what I have read:

  • It’s a Xen VPS hosting service designed for developers.
  • Application hosting is the focus, where an interface is provided to let you create clusters to host your apps.
  • ReadyStack seems to be pre-canned container with everything ready to deploy your customised apps, be that RoR, Django, or other frameworks.
  • Multi data centre + SAN storage gives you very high availability.

Well. I am not beta-testing it yet so that’s about how much I can gathered from the website + blog. You too can sign up as a beta tester and they even give out some incentive for you to sign up — they are running contests to give away life-time membership and an iPod, not to mention you get free VPS while beta-testing, plus discount afterwards.

Now Carlos, where is my beta invite? 🙂