VPSLink Offline on 18 May 2009?

Came to the office this afternoon (have to go to a primary school’s open day this morning), and found out that my VPS at VPSLink has been rebooted. The outage started at around 10:05 AEST (on 19 May 2009 here in Australia), and the server rebooted twice — and came back online at 10:43 AM (so only 40 minutes of downtime). However network feels a bit slow at the moment — could be my end, but it could be something wrong with the routers in VPSLink/Spry’s Seattle DC.

Their website and the forums are apparently down right now. VPS control panel is up — but a bit useless as it kept on throwning me error messages. @NeosurgeHosting said that there’s a power outage, but someone suggested that there’s an DDoS attack. Waiting for the official statement when it comes back online…


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  • VPSLink Datacenter Incident 5/18/2009 approx 18:30 PST

    An electrical failure at Seattle City Light impacted our datacenter this evening – multiple hardware nodes (including internal VPSLink services) were brought offline while our system administrators and electrical technicians worked to establish the point of failure and correct the issue.

    So yes the power outage has been confirmed by VPSLink. Summer is coming in Northern Hemisphere and I think power might be an issue soon…