A lot of news surrounding LxLabs and HyperVM after last week’s FsckVPS fiasco. Via this discussion thread on WebHostingTalk, where an LxLabs employee talks about the future of company and its software:

lxbhargava said
Today I had discussion with Ligesh’s family. From the discussion it is appears that Lxlabs will not continue to run the business.

They are considering, releasing the software Kloxo and Hypervm under an Opensource license.

Companies come and go, but code don’t die if they are open sourced (well, they might hibernate if there is not enough interest, but that’s another matter). Infrastructure software like HyperVM ought to be open sourced. Actually — companies relying on infrastructure software ought to either use something open source or write their own. Having core part of business replying on an independent 3rd party that might go out of business overnight is just way too risky IMHO.

I know nothing is set in stone yet, and they are still considering. However I believe it would definitely be a welcomed move by the smaller VPS providers.