Sorry about lack of updates here. A lot of happening in life and it has been quite a hectic year. I have also made some significant changes under the skin here at HostingFu. I said “under the skin” because I have actually kept the old theme and look & feel of the site, but…

SliceHost to VPSLink

I have migrated from SliceHost, i.e. the RackspaceCloud, to VPSLink for hosting this blog. See my previous VPSLink review here.

SliceHost has served me very well for the last 3 years. In fact at one stage I had > 450 days of uptime, before one of my Python script crashed the slice by using up too much memory. Performance has been great. Absolutely tops in stability. Highly recommended if you are looking for the “Rackspace of Xen VPS host” (which it literally is).


I am however switching to VPSLink for this site for a few reasons (together with about 10 other sites I run). Because,

  • It costs me less. From heavy discount & referral system, I am getting a Xen Link4 for ~$251/12 months ($29.36/month x 12 – 10% coupon code discount – $66 referral bonus), which has 512MB RAM, 20GB disk space & 500GB/month data transfer. It’s actually free to me because of past referral credit.
  • Sydney to Seattle is around 20ms less than Sydney to St. Louis
  • VPSLink has 32bit templates, which saves memory for my LAMP stack.
  • Accessing to all 8 cores of an Xeon E5420 rocks (not that I need it).
  • Did I say it’s free?

So due to simple economics I made the change to migrate my sites from SliceHost to VPSLink. Thanks for the service!

From Drupal to WordPress

Drupal to WordPress

Another big change that I have made is switching from Drupal to WordPress as the blogging platform.

Man I love Drupal. It is flexible and very customisable. It is a developer’s dream CMS because of its flexibility. It is powering my main hobby site at the moment (which takes way too much of my time) serving over 4 million page views a month.

However what I am doing here is just blogging. I am not running a community, nor trying to organise some structured content. I am just posting things here a few times a month, and the flexibility of Drupal has actually became a curse. Drupal 7 is almost out, but I cannot even upgrade to Drupal 6 without heavily tweaks on my modules.

So I gave up. Might as well run WordPress and keep things simple.

I ended up spending a day developing a converter to migrate all my old posts + comments from Drupal to WordPress and retain all the permalinks. So far so good.

Other Updates

A few other updates around the place.

  • Updated serverstats to 0.2. Ended up rewriting the tokenizer to get rid of dependency on libpcre so it uses even less memory.
  • Updated as Linode cleaned up their pastebin thus removed my code.