HostingFu Interviewed on

HostingFu interviewed by I was interviewed by Stefano Bellasio from Big thanks to them for interviewing me on blogging about the web hosting industry. It was a bit unexpected as I am not even in the hosting industry and am just writing reviews (and rants) on my attempts trying to host some of my own projects. But I guess as an outsider I can provide a different point of view than those in the industry.

Stefano actually asked a few good questions that I still not have put much thoughts in. For example DreamHost delegates some email hosting to Google โ€” which I think is actually a good thing (although many in the industry donโ€™t agree). It also reminded me that I need to spend a bit more time on this blog. However with wife, 2 kids, full-time dev job + a few websites to manage, HostingFu has unfortunately been stalling at the back of run-queue for a while. ๐Ÿ™

Here is the Italian translation of the interview for those who are privileged to know the language.