EveryDNS Down – Twitter First Notified

I went to load one of my sites, and the proxy came back with DNS resolution error. The DNS was hosted on EveryDNS so I tried to browse there, and the site would not respond. Is it my own connection, or is EveryDNS offline? Did a search on Twitter, which reveals that it’s the later. Not only has everyone complaining about the down time (all the way up to an hour ago), we also have someone from EveryDNS keeping us updated about the progress.

Very cool stuff. Twitter will definitely be the first to check when I am hitting some connectivity problem.

EveryDNS search on Twitter

Funny thing is Disqus, a popular commenting system for blogs that have been used on a few very large sites, is also using EveryDNS as their main DNS provider. I guess a lot of people won’t be happy today.

For me I have been using DNS Made Easy for the last two years to host some of my sites and they have been pretty much trouble free. You do have to pay though 🙂

Update: EveryDNS appears to be back on. Also noted Disqus has added an extra DNS entry in their WHOIS records.