I know I have been abandoning this blog for the last month and half due to stress at work (very busy preparing for the new version at the end of this month), and one nut case involving cyber-stalking, threatening emails and abusing phone calls (still on-going but hopefully the justice system will deal with it). Now I am coming back with some spammy blog posts 🙂

One of my alter ego is running probably one of the biggest bargain sharing sites in Australia (working on it like 1-2 hours a day, hosted with none other than the great Linode serving 2.5-3 million pages a month). One of pages that I recently put it on is…

Cheap .au domain names — list of registrars and resellers offering .com.au for under AUD$30/2 years.

Registering a .com.au is a bit more complicated than registering a .com (which the only complicated part is finding a name that is still unregistered). With current registration policy polished by auDA, in order to register a .com.au or .net.au, you need to be:

  • Australian registered company (an ACN), or
  • Trading under an Australian registered business name (a state registered business number), or
  • Australian partnership or sole trader (an ABN), or
  • Foreign company licensed to trade in Australia (an ABRN), or
  • Australian Registered Trade Mark owner (TM number), or
  • etc

The easiest way as an individual is of course register an Australian Business Number (ABN) as a sole trader. It makes the tax return time a little bit more complicated as you need to file your business tax together with your personal tax, assuming you are not registered for GST and need to do BAS. Any more than that?! Hmm. Find an accountant.

Anway. Paying $20-$30 AUD for 2 years should be expected for a .com.au. Some might might want to sell you exactly the same thing for $140/2 years. It’s fine if you are billion dollar company existed before auDA opened up the registrar space and you are too lazy to change over. For the rest of us. Nah.