I have been a user of the “web”, since 1995. I have been authoring web pages and build web sites since 1996. I have been developing software applications that are delivered over port 80 soon afterwards — Perl, PHP, Java, Python, etc. Even my current job, which brings me bread and butter to feed my family, is focused on building a web-based software.

Scott Sounds like I have been a veteran of the world wide web, but my experience with commercial web hosting has been very limited. In fact I have only had my very first shared hosting account in Oct 2005!

This is my journal on web hosting. I will be writing about this industry, tips on finding the right host, review of the hosts that I have been with, setting up servers, securing Linux boxes, and other web hosting related topics — from perspective of a software developer.

About Scott

My name is Scott Yang. I am a Christian, Taiwan-born Chinese from the mid-70′s, Australian, husband, father, etc. I currently work previously worked as software architect for an Australian software company, developing web-based financial planning software, and currently working on my startups. I usually blog random non-sense on my personal blog.

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