GeoVPS/Layerboom KVM Virtal Server Review

Tag: , , , — December 3, 2009 @ 3:13 pm Comments 2

This is a quick review on the KVM virtual server provided by GeoVPS. Howard from Layerboom first contacted me back in May 2008 through this blog and LinkedIn, and that was before Layerboom was even started. We clicked as both of us had our origins in Taiwan, and Howard mentioned that he has assembled a […]

Fivebean Media OpenVZ VPS Hosting Review

Tag: , , — August 31, 2009 @ 2:31 am Comments 3

Update November 2009 Signing Up MoxieVM Plan Upgrades Performance Conclusion Looking at my history of past reviews and found that I have not done a hosting review for the last 8 months! Meanwhile, I probably have used half a dozen different hosting providers since my last review (my review on’s Xen VPS, which I […] Xen VPS Review

Tag: , , — December 16, 2008 @ 1:03 am Comments 10

Well. Here is a review that was supposed to be done 9 months ago. Back in February, Nicolas from contacted me about reviewing their Xen VPS hosting product, which was under beta testing back then. I had a review VPS from them for two weeks, did a few tests, but was not able to […]

NCL Hosting Sydney VMWare VPS Review

Tag: , , , — August 19, 2008 @ 1:32 am Comments 3

When I first saw NCL Hosting’s end of financial year sale back in June (Australia’s financial year starts from July), I just could not resist it. From their VPS hosting plan page, they are offering 100GB of data transfer for $36.75 (ex GST) per month, and 500GB of data transfer for only $66.75 (ex GST) […]

VPS Media Xen VPS Review

Tag: , , , — July 2, 2008 @ 8:26 am Comments 4

VPS Media, a relatively young provider in the virtual private server scene — yet have years of experience in application hosting, is marketing itself as “for Designers and Developers”. Thanks to Carlos T. who has provided me a testing VPS over the last two weeks, and here is my review on Xen VPS at VPS […]

Crucial Paradigm Sydney Xen VPS Review

Tag: , , , — June 1, 2008 @ 1:48 pm Comments 2

(Disclaimer: Aaron W. from Crucial Paradigm emailed me early last week asking for a review on their re-launched Xen VPS plans. So here we go — a review on their Xen VPS after playing with one for a few days.) Crucial Paradigm is a web hosting/web design company in Sydney, Australia that have both Australian […]

Moved from Web24 to Linode

Tag: , , , — May 2, 2008 @ 6:28 am Comments 10

(Note: This is a review of VPS hosting services provided by Web24 and Linode, and a migration of one of my sites from one to the other at the end of March 2008. Web24 may have improved their service since but I have no way nor intend to verify it.) Web24 — Virtuozzo VPS in […]

Web Hosting Review Sites Exposed

Tag: , — March 3, 2008 @ 1:48 am Comments 6

Saw this video on YouTube the other day, which leads to this website that exposes dirty secrets of web hosting review sites. It is basically preaching the same message that DreamHost blogged about almost 2 years ago. None of these web hosting review sites are reliable because top spots can usually be bought with monthly […]

ServerWays OpenVZ VPS Review

Tag: , , , — February 4, 2008 @ 1:17 pm Comments 8

Provisioning and Setting Up CPU — Severely Limited Support Conclusion Last week I needed a small VPS to test a new project so I went to Web Hosting Talk VPS offers forum to look for something really cheap, and found this deal at ServerWays is a new company, with its domain registered in December […] Xen Virtual Server Review

Tag: , , , — January 4, 2008 @ 12:52 am Comments 14

Update September 2008 Expecting UML, Got Xen Linode Platform Manager Initialisation and Booting up Disk Images Configuration Profiles Finnix Recovery Distro Linode Shell Linode Community But, What About Reviewing the Actual VPS?! Conclusion When I first went shopping around for VPS hosting back in early 2006, Linode was high on my list. There were only […]

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