Why I Don’t Care About “Guaranteed Memory” on an OpenVZ VPS

Tag: — January 5, 2010 @ 2:18 pm

If you have been hunting for a virtual private server for a while, you should know all the metrics that service providers use in their advertisement and package/plan pages. You have your monthly data transfer amount (which sometimes are confused with “bandwidth”). There is a disk storage space for your operating system and data files. […]

Fivebean Media OpenVZ VPS Hosting Review

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Update November 2009 Signing Up MoxieVM Plan Upgrades Performance Conclusion Looking at my history of past reviews and found that I have not done a hosting review for the last 8 months! Meanwhile, I probably have used half a dozen different hosting providers since my last review (my review on Gandi.net’s Xen VPS, which I […]

vzfree – Checking Memory Usage inside OpenVZ VE

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Gee. It has been a while since I’ve last written here, and it will be a while again for my next post as I will be on holidays from next Monday (visiting families in Hong Kong and Taiwan). Let me share one small utility program that I wrote quite a while ago. We all know […]

ServerWays OpenVZ VPS Review

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Provisioning and Setting Up CPU — Severely Limited Support Conclusion Last week I needed a small VPS to test a new project so I went to Web Hosting Talk VPS offers forum to look for something really cheap, and found this deal at ServerWays.com. ServerWays is a new company, with its domain registered in December […]

Xen or OpenVZ VPS?

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I have been a VPSLink customer for about as long as they have been offering the service — since June 2006 I think — although I rarely blogged about them here. Recently I had an opportunity to test out their recently launched Xen VPS hosting. VPSLink now offers both OpenVZ and Xen based VPS hosting […]

Is Virtuozzo good for OpenVZ?

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Kir Kolyshkin wrote on the OpenVZ blog, Why Virtuozzo is good for OpenVZ, The first version of Virtuozzo was released about 6 years ago, so it is not something new. Virtuozzo costs money, and is used by big corporations for mission-critical applications. Virtuozzo customers expect it to be very stable, fast, bug-free, well documented, etc. […]