I am not in the web hosting industry (merely an end-user here), but reading some related blogs help me to get an understanding on what’s going on with this hosting business. Here is a partial-list of blogs that I read, but do note that this is not a “definite list”, and will certainly grow/shrink over time.

Note: The lists are sorted alphabetically so the order is no hints on preference.

Web Hosts

Blogs of companies that actually provide web hosting services. I read those blogs simply because I am/was a customer of said companies.

DreamHost BlogDreamHost Blog

Best. Web hosting. Blog. Ever. (that is if you are not a serious kind of person).

I have always enjoyed the bad humour of DreamHost‘s Josh Jones, and this blog proves that they are as good in blogging as they are in overselling their web hosting services. Funny. Honest. Sharp, and sometimes insightful. A great read even if you are not a DreamHost customer.


Blog of Joyent, which is the company that runs TextDrive, web hosting company initially set up by Jason H and Dean A to host TextPattern users, but has since turned to a Sun shop and is moving towards utility computing.

Definitely some of the brightest minds in the industry, and runs one of the best podcast out there.


Written by the owner of BlueHost and HostMonster, probably one of the biggest cPanel shared hosts out there. Insightful posts on how he managed BlueHost and the web hosting industry itself.


I read SliceHost‘s blog simply because I am using their service :) Matt has always been very informative (outage, upgrade, new changes, etc), and has demonstrated a good example how other web hosting companies should run their blogs.

Critics and Commentators

There are always people and companies writing about the web hosting industry.

Daw – Web Hosting Blog

Blog by Dimitar a web hosting veteran, and has a ton of useful information and evergreen content.

Isabel SaysIsabel Says

A freelance consultant who has “been there and done that”. Very insightful commendatory on the web hosting industry, data centres and the business side of web 2.0. Definitely one of my favourite. Isabel also posts in theWHIR blogs.

Netcraft News

Who is down again this month? Who is having performance issue? Which web server product has the biggest market share? There are always articles analysing the best and the worst of the web hosts.

theWHIR Blogs

Definitely much more interesting than their web hosting news section. 6 bloggers from all sectors of web hosting industry blogging about it. They do somehow need to coordinate their posting frequency a bit as Isabel’s posts are all over the places.

Those companies do not directly provide web hosting services, but are in related industries and/or are producing relevant blogs.

Amazon Web Services Blog

Anything about Amazon web services, which I think is going to revolutionise the web hosting industry. Lots of cool example on how you can use their EC2, S3, Queue and E-Commerce services.

Jonathan Schwartz’s WeblogJonathan @ Sun

The blogging CEO of Sun Microsystems. IMO he is the “Steve Jobs” to the geeks. Can’t feel the reality distortion field when Blackbox was introduced and when Java was freed?

OpenDNS Blog

I’ve been a happy user of EveryDNS for years, and OpenDNS is a relatively new project that is focusing on making Internet faster and safer — by speeding up the DNS resolution.

Any Other Blog?

That’s my list. What about yours? Any other suggestion?