Bye Bye GPLHost

Earlier this month I asked in my 12 months GPLHost review,

I am again considering whether to leave GPLHost or stay. …. My growing site needs more data transfer allowance. I am close to using up 30GB that came with the plan, and it appears the only way to get more data transfer is by upgrading to the next plan, as there is no overage charge.

So you can pretty much guessed from the title of this post. 2 days ago I logged into DTC (GPLHost’s control panel), and filed a cancellation request. There has been up’s and down’s over the last 13 months when I hosted with GPLHost, but generally it was all good. Anyhow. I ordered another VPS from someone else and moved my site over.

Bye bye GPLHost. At least in my book they are of good records so maybe there will be a chance to host with them again. Unlike another provider whom I also sent a cancellation request to this week. More about these guys later.