BlueHost and Matt Heaton

BlueHost seems to be quite a reputable web hosting company. They are young (less than 3 years old). Their banners can be seen almost everywhere. 15Gb storage + 400Gb bandwidth for less than 7 bucks a month. Secure Shell is enabled (but probably jailed). Great service reviews, and even the sucks test did not bring up anything too disturbing. Moreover, their CEO Matt Heaton has a blog.

More and more often I am evaluating a hosting company by the fact that whether they have a blog. DreamHost has this official one (if you don’t count the unofficial one and their status log), all engineers in Site5 have their own blogs, and so are few other big players. By the way, web hosting companies, blog is a great PR tool and a great communication channel with your users, especially the loud ones. So start one today if you haven’t.

However I liked Matt Heaton’s blog because it is personal. It is more than just what is going on inside his web hosting company, what is happening around the industry, etc. There are blog entries that are about himself, where I learnt that Matt who has been a missionary to Taiwan (Mormon?), the little island where I was born. There is more to work and build an ultimate hosting empire — there’s life, family and spirituality.

Great stuff there.

* * *

If I don’t have my web hosting account with DreamHost, I might be tempted to sign up with BlueHost. Maybe not. I think I have enough headache with the crippled-control-panel, a.k.a. cPanel, that I will definite hesitate to join another web hosting company which builds on that platform.

They do have quite a generous affiliation program, which earns you $65 per lead. Except another affiliation program that I has just joined is providing the same BlueHost banner for $85 per lead. Now we know how much does each customer costs web hosting companies…