Fivebean Media OpenVZ VPS Hosting Review

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Update November 2009 Signing Up MoxieVM Plan Upgrades Performance Conclusion Looking at my history of past reviews and found that I have not done a hosting review for the last 8 months! Meanwhile, I probably have used half a dozen different hosting providers since my last review (my review on’s Xen VPS, which I […]

Servers in Toxic Blobs

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Saw this cartoon on Dilbert today.

Is HyperVM and Kloxo Going Open Source or Not?

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After the FsckVPS fiasco and tragic involving KT Ligesh two months ago, I blogged about the potential future of products of LxLabs. More specifically — whether HyperVM and Kloxo are going to be open sourced. A lot of development has been happening over the last two months. A “consortium” has been created, and a new […]

Cheap .AU Domain Names

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I know I have been abandoning this blog for the last month and half due to stress at work (very busy preparing for the new version at the end of this month), and one nut case involving cyber-stalking, threatening emails and abusing phone calls (still on-going but hopefully the justice system will deal with it). […]