Y Combinator Company Hosting Stats

Tag: , — June 17, 2009 @ 4:57 am Comment 1

Via Hacker News — Updated YC Company Hosting Stats. A Ruby script was used to extract out all the startups that Y Combinator invested in, get their IP addresses, and then do a WHOIS to find out who owns the IP block. Interesting result: SliceHost: 14 SoftLayer: 14 Amazon (on EC2): 13 Rackspace: 4 ThePlanet: […]

LxLabs Will Be No More, But Source Might Go On

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A lot of news surrounding LxLabs and HyperVM after last week’s FsckVPS fiasco. Via this discussion thread on WebHostingTalk, where an LxLabs employee talks about the future of company and its software: lxbhargava saidToday I had discussion with Ligesh’s family. From the discussion it is appears that Lxlabs will not continue to run the business. […]

FsckVPS Servers Wipeout Reveals LxLabs/HyperVM Insecurity

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Here is probably one of the biggest/fasting growing outage thread on WebHostingTalk — started by someone reporting FsckVPS connectivity issue yesterday morning. When I went to bed last night there was around 50+ pages of discussions, and now it has grown to 80+ pages. FsckVPS, one of the VAServ companies, was offering low-cost full-automated OpenVZ […]

Quick Nginx Status Script

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Just to share another script that I hacked together to monitor my sites. Nginx is a great web server software and since I last wrote about it more than 2 years ago, I have since pretty much converted all my sites to Nginx (sorry Lighttpd). Nginx came with this HTTP stub status module that you […]