Nothing, nothing is faster than c

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Generally speaking, there is nothing — nothing faster than c. Obviously I am talking about the alphabet the symbolise the speed of light, rather than this ancient imperative programming language from the 70’s. Whether C, the programming language, is the fastest is truly debatable. However most network engineers would agree that you simply cannot transmit […]

Traffic Spike, And Make Sure Your Host is Prepared

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Who said the “old media” is dead and the “new media” has already won the race?! By no means! A PR stunt at A Current Affair (a TV programme in Australia, but don’t ask me about it as I don’t even have a TV at home) this evening featured a few shopping related websites, which […]

Fighting Comment Spams – There Gotta Be A Better Way

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People usually associate spams with unsolicited commercial emails that try to either sell you the “little blue pill”, or Nigerians phishing for your bank account details. There are many techniques fighting email spams, either at the server side or at your email client. However if you run a blog or a forum on the Internet, […]

Crucial Paradigm Sydney Xen VPS Review

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(Disclaimer: Aaron W. from Crucial Paradigm emailed me early last week asking for a review on their re-launched Xen VPS plans. So here we go — a review on their Xen VPS after playing with one for a few days.) Crucial Paradigm is a web hosting/web design company in Sydney, Australia that have both Australian […]