DreamHost Billing Blunder – Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair

Tag: , — January 16, 2008 @ 5:32 am Comments 5

Yes. Sure. Computers often crap themselves, but problem often exists between keyboard and chair, i.e. the actual users. Around 10 minutes ago an account executive at work called as all the site customisations are gone. It turns out she explicitly clicked on the option to wipe out all the customisation and had made no back […]

Overselling Illustrated – Toilet Bowls

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Yesterday afternoon when I assisted my 3 1/2 year old daughter to go to the wee, she asked some interesting questions while sitting on the toilet bowl. Daughter: “Daddy, why don’t we have one toilet for daddy, one toilet for mummy, one toilet for baby (my other daughter who is 10 month old) and another […]

Linode.com Xen Virtual Server Review

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Update September 2008 Expecting UML, Got Xen Linode Platform Manager Initialisation and Booting up Disk Images Configuration Profiles Finnix Recovery Distro Linode Shell Linode Community But, What About Reviewing the Actual VPS?! Conclusion When I first went shopping around for VPS hosting back in early 2006, Linode was high on my list. There were only […]