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My typical set up — 2 email servers for all of my domains. One primary with local delivery, and another one as a backup MX. Then for all my other servers, MTA is installed but either bound only to localhost, or external access to port 25 firewalled. Emails will be sent out from these servers […]

Server Monitoring with Cacti + ServerStats

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I have been using Cacti, a RRDTool-based graphing solution, to monitor my servers/VPS over the last year or two (and before that, with MRTG). My needs are simple — I just need graphing of several server metrics and Cacti fits the bill perfectly when the data is well supplied. Cacti is installed on one of […]

VPSLink Xen VPS 2 Weeks Review

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This review is a follow up from my previous blog entry. Long story short — I have been a customer of VPSLink for 17 months and have been using their OpenVZ VPS to host various projects. Recently they launched their Xen VPS hosting product, and Cameron from VPSLink has provided me a Xen Link-3 account […]

Xen or OpenVZ VPS?

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I have been a VPSLink customer for about as long as they have been offering the service — since June 2006 I think — although I rarely blogged about them here. Recently I had an opportunity to test out their recently launched Xen VPS hosting. VPSLink now offers both OpenVZ and Xen based VPS hosting […]

Site Offline for Two Hours

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Downtime sucks, but it sort of reminded you how good it has been. HostingFu, along with about a dozen other sites hosted on this SliceHost VPS, were down between 8pm and 10pm AEST last night, when traffic is about the busiest from Australia. No good. Maybe that is one reason for hosting locally in Australia […]

Why Australian Hosting Business Just Got Tougher

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Two events this week that just made hosting business in Australia a bit tougher. 1. Weakening US Dollar Australian dollar has just hit 93 cent USD today, and it is still on its way to parity (which I doubt will happen but I can be very wrong). Everything has already been more expensive in Australia […]