Short Comings of Amazon EC2

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Jason Hoffman of Joyent has written an interesting article, Why EC2 isn’t yet a platform for “normal” web applications. No IP address persistence (they all function as DHCP clients and are assigned an IP). One has to use dynamic DNS services for a given domain. No block storage persistence. When the instance is gone, the […]

Hosting with More IP Addresses = SEO?

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Via Web Hosting Unleashed, HostGator has announced a new niche hosting service — SEO Hosting. From its hosting plan page: Our hosting plans are designed for those who require advanced Search Engine Optimization tools. Our customers know that the key to a successful SEO campaign begins at the foundation, their web hosting provider. SEO hosting […]

GoDaddy TurboSSL Certificate on Nginx

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Last Sunday I had my first chance of buying an SSL certificate and setting it up on Nginx. Prior to that I have always just signed with my own CA, and then just import my own CA’s certificate into browser’s root certificate repository. Anyway. What happened was on a website I am developing, I have […]

LxAdmin Host-InA-Box Review Part 1

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Lxlabs‘ LxAdmin Host-InA-Box is a “feature-complete” server control panel product designed for web hosting. There are already many control panels for web hosting providers. Some are commercial, some are free, and some are open sourced/free software. What then makes LxAdmin HIB unique? Its runtime size, which claims to be only 15MB! The tiny memory footprint […]

I Almost Signed Up an EstDomains Reseller Account

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Well, the title of this post is simply not true. I did sign up an EstDomains reseller account. However, just before logging in to set up all the details, I diligently googled their name trying to find out why they are so cheap but people rarely talked about it. Then reading through pages after pages […]

GPLHost 13+ Hours Outage in 2 Days

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There are some very good Xen hosts. SliceHost being one that I have had experience with — it has rock solid stability, very good uptime, great performance and all the flexibility of Xen at an incredibly price. Too bad they are not in Australia. I don’t know how bad a Xen VPS host can be, […]

Why Ping is so Slow

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Royal Pingdom: Theoretical vs real-world speed limit of Ping, shows the theoretical minimum ping between two furtherest places on the planet Earth, assuming everythings travel at the speed of light in vacuum. If you choose the shortest route, the maximum distance between two locations will never be more than halfway around the planet. Halfway around […]