Here are my 5 things

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Tagged by Isabel Wang on 5 things that you probably didn’t know about me.

How OpenDNS Saved My Day

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Just read the latest post on OpenDNS blog, How OpenDNS saved Caio’s job — Caio from Brazil used OpenDNS when his ISP’s DNS server was down, and was able to complete his job. Similar event happened to me today. No, it did not save my job — it was not work related. Let’s just say […]

Is Virtuozzo good for OpenVZ?

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Kir Kolyshkin wrote on the OpenVZ blog, Why Virtuozzo is good for OpenVZ, The first version of Virtuozzo was released about 6 years ago, so it is not something new. Virtuozzo costs money, and is used by big corporations for mission-critical applications. Virtuozzo customers expect it to be very stable, fast, bug-free, well documented, etc. […]

Why Good Hosting is Important (but Might Not Because of Google)

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(Note: I was going to post this as a reply to Matt’s blog post, but his Typo kept on giving me “500 Application Error”. Well, I am now posting it here.) Stuart Brown wrote about switching to a dedicated server after getting digged, and had experienced (1) much better page rendering time, and (2) more […]

Any non-overselling web hosting out there?

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“Is there any non-overselling web hosting company out there?” It seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions on WebHostingTalk forums. There do exist a few typical answers. “Yes, my web host doesn’t!” “No, everyone oversells in this industry.” “Don’t buy from DreamHost/Site5/MediaTemple — they oversell like crazy!” Overselling is indeed a very […]

GPLHost Sydney VPS 3 Weeks Review

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This post is a continuation from my previous post, searching for an affordable VPS on the East coast Australia. At the end I was choosing between two offerings — GPLHost‘s Xen package 4 in Sydney, or DarkStarX‘s VDS package in Perth. Although DarkStarX is cheaper, but (1) it’s on OpenVZ with only 128Mb guaranteed (2) […]

EveryDNS Under DDoS Attack

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One of the things that is worse than having your web site going off-line — DNS servers for your domain are under DDoS attack that renders your entire domain resolvable. That’s something HostingFu is facing at the moment.

Amazon Web Services is Expensive

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Amazon Web Services is expensive, if you compare them with the overselling dedicated server market.