Greylisting Spams with Postfix + Gld

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If you have an email address for a while, you’ll know that “spams” are almost inevitable. Once the email address has been used, spams will find their way there sooner or later. Combating email spams has also become one of the most researched topics these days. Greylisting is a relatively new method to use against […]

Uptime – 101 days and rising

Tag: — August 28, 2006 @ 4:10 am

May has been a pretty bad month for Unixshell — no more space in the data centre, and dom0 servers kept on crashing due to some Xen bugs in Linux 2.6.16. However, after Matt and his engineering team fixing up the issues, it has been smooth sailing since. This is what I get this morning […]

Amazon Announced Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

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I am an Australian, and Australia is a tiny place. Well, the land is big, but majority of 20+ million people chose to squeeze into a few coastal cities. Web hosting is expensive here, and everyone went “wow” when Aussie HQ introduced their million-dollar real time provisioning dedicated server this month (see all the buzz […] – ‘Coz there’s too much crap out there

Tag: , — August 18, 2006 @ 12:35 pm

Found a great website today that is useful to the webmasters. has its tagline “‘Cause there’s crap you gotta lookup”. Yes indeed, that there are lots of craps, bad guys, dodgy companies on the big bad Internet which you need to be very careful of. cannot eliminate them, but it gives you an […]

Compiling with GCC on low memory VPS

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There is an interesting forum post explaining how you can get Gentoo to emerge essential packages on VPSlink‘s basic VPS with only 64Mb of memory! I originally thought it would be impossible, but by mangling GCC’s garbage collection parameters it indeed can be done.

GoDaddy’s Hosting Package – Insanely Oversold?!

Tag: , — August 7, 2006 @ 12:18 pm Comments 5, the domain registrar company that brought us cheap domains back in earlier part of this century, has recently doubled the storage space and data transfer of its already insanely oversold shared hosting plans. For example, 100Gb storage and 1,000Gb data transfer just costs you $6.99/month, or cheaper if you sign up longer terms.

Communication, Honesty and DreamHost

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Disaster happens — even to web hosting companies. You get operating system/software issues, server hardware issues, network glitches and data centre issues and even interrupted electricity that plague your hosting business. Worse, when they all come one after another within a short time span. It is what happened to DreamHost last month, and they are […]